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American owned high tech company, Intelligent Research LLC, integrates "technology into your life"

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Personalized Analytics


At our company, we take the raw data from our clients and turn it into a meaningful results. We work closely with our users throughout our process to ensure that the analysis is relevant. We are committed to providing clean, in-depth datasets.

Rigorous Testing


Once we have finished our initial analysis of our client's data, we perform multiple quality checks. These tests are included in the price of the analysis package. After testing, we deliver the results to our clients. We provide a "typo-free" certification along with our clean data.

Quality Guaranteed


The world of science and technology can be hard to keep up with. That's why our goal is to provide our clients high-quality visual analytics. No matter the discipline or type of data, we pride ourselves on providing professional results. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our work.

Meet the Team


Industrial & Mechanical Design

We specialize in ID design. We have a very creative team and our mechanical team is always able to achieve any costumers requirement not matter how difficult.  


Electrical and Automation Design

We have plethora of experiences for automation and artificial intelligence.  Along with specializing in vertical integration for Industry 4.0.


Reverse Engineering , Refurbish Manufacturing and Reverse Logistics

We come up with creative solutions to complex markets and help customers to the most amount of money. We also help with the customer service department to make them the most capable that they can be.

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